Beachside at Fernandina and St. Augustine

beach breakfastfernandina beach

beach readsfernandina bookstorefernandina beachspanish mossbeach bike ride
bikes on the beachbeach bike rideIMG_7233st. augustinest. augustinefreedom trail st. augustinetaco shopcastillo st. augustinefort st. augustineAh, vacation. Let’s all just take a deep breath and beam ourselves back there. Shall we?


This comic made me laugh, but I don’t agree. To my mind, there is no better place than a beach to read (about) Russian literature. More on that later.

The quality of light when the sun shines through Spanish moss is one of life’s small pleasures.

Augustine helped Luke realize he’s homesick for history. Even though he’d never been particularly interested in it back home, now that we live in a relatively new city, the monotony of concrete, steel, and cookie-cutter brick houses has him longing for the cross beams of a black and white Tutor. Go figure.

Drinks in the oldest drinking establishment in the US.

Wouldn’t you like to interview someone who lives in a year-round tourist town like St. Augustine? Or beach town? How do you end up there? Where do locals go when they don’t want to be surrounded by tourists? How does anyone ever get any work done? What are the skin cancer rates?

New life goal: Spend at least one day a year in a beach chair. Alternate as follows: read a little, nap a little, read a little, take a dip, read a little, nap a little. That is all.

Hope you’re vacationing well. Where are you off to?

  1. annette said:

    Erin! You were in my neighborhood! I live between St. Augustine and Fernandina Beach, and would have happily played tour guide. Leaving you, of course, with that all important time to read. And nap. And read. And nap.

  2. Erin said:

    How lovely that would have been! But let’s be honest, I doubt that will be our last visit to your stomping grounds. You are very lucky to live where you do!

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