Book Giveaway: Gone Girl

gone girl hardback IMG_5228I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be doing my first ever book giveaway for one lucky For the Love of Bookshop reader. And the book is … Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn! If you haven’t already been swept away with Flynnvy, let me just tell you: Gone Girl is a sneaky, page-turner of a psychological thriller that some are calling the book of 2012. Flynn immerses the reader instantly into an intriguing missing person plot — Amy Dunne vanishes from her home on the morning of her fifth wedding anniversary and all fingers are pointing to husband, Nick. The only problem? Nick is one of our narrator’s and he swears he’s innocent. Told in two different voices — Nick’s in the present and Amy’s from seven years of past journal entries (all disturbingly sentimental despite the years of marital hardship they describe) — we piece together a picture of a young couple whose relationship goes awry when both lose their journalism jobs in New York and are forced to move back to North Carthidge, Missouri to take care of Nick’s ailing parents. Neither narrator is particularly trustworthy, both being adapt storytellers and, you soon discover, expert liars. So whose version of the story is correct? And in any case, where’s Amy?

Flynn is the master of trickery, throwing in new twists and turns just when you think you’ve figured out what’s going on. With unpredictable characters, the reader’s task isn’t just to guess whodunnit; that’s the easy part. The real task is understanding how and why, and unraveling the complex psychological case studies that make up the Dunne family. It’s a ride, y’all, and perfect for a summer read.

If you’d like a chance to own my hardback, good-as-new copy that I’ve owned for exactly one week (because it’s that good!) please leave a comment below with an email address and the name of your favorite indie bookstore. Since this is my first giveaway and I want to include as many readers as possible, I’m making it open to anyone in the US, Canada or Europe. I hope to continue these book giveaways as a way to show my appreciation to you, my wonderful readers, and because, selfishly, I’d love to talk to you about the books I’m reading.

IMG_5232I will choose a winner on Friday, August 9. Until then, Gone Girl will sit on my shelf looking at you all with big puppy dog eyes (“Someone wants to take me home?”). Good luck and happy reading!

  1. Dean B said:

    As a birthday present, my lovely in-laws always give me book tokens and this year Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl was included on my list, but sadly, it didn’t make it to my list of purchases. Was planning to get it next time… Who knows, this just might be it! Anyway, my husband and I love the small independent bookshop in Bude called the Spencer Thorn Bookshop. We’ve bought several hard-bound signed copies from authors like Ian McEwan from them and vowed to patronise their shop rather than go for the bigwigs like Waterstones etc… Email address is:

  2. bobbi said:

    Do family members count, lol? My favorite indie bookstore is “Once Upon A Crime” bookstore in Minneapolis MN. Gary & Pat are the best!

  3. Awe, not Canada? That’s a shame — guess I’ll have to buy the book, haha. Good luck everyone!

    • Erin said:

      Books, Tea & Me — Oh, no! I forgot to include Canada, although I’d been meaning to. Yes, Canadian readers are eligible, too. I hope you enter!

      • Oh yay! Well in that case, I’d have to say my favourite independent bookstore in Calgary would have to be Fair’s Fair for second-hand books and either Shelf Life or Pages for new books.

  4. jhgardner said:

    Aw, I just bought this two days ago and am totally immersed! I’ve been hearing about it for ages now and just had to see what the fuss was all about. It does not disappoint! I’ll just have to wait for the next book giveaway :)

  5. mrszeg said:

    Already have it, and it was an excellent read. I couldn’t put it down and read it in one night. Then I proceeded to buy her other books and read them just as quickly!

  6. Janette Shepherd said:

    Hi Erin, I’m a huge fan of thrillers and mysteries and if fortunate enough to win your book it would be passed on to our local Oxfam bookshop where I usually buy most of my books – read them and take them back for resale. This isn’t an indie bookshop but there is an excellent one in Shrewsbury market Hall which I occasionally patronise.
    No need to post the book to me if I win. I arrive in Atlanta non 10 October.

  7. bobbi said:

    did you ever pick a name? who won? :)

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