A few things…


Kudzo Antique Market is my zen spot. Every month or so, I stroll its cluttered aisles, sing along to Oldie Goldies and contemplate all the Mad Men cocktails I’d mix from this sixties bar cart, all the salads I’d toss in this Danish modern wood salad bowl. I rarely buy anything as the price antique shops put on nostalgia is usually a bit steep for me, and in any case, fantasizing about what you would buy is what the game is all about anyway. But this week I spotted the loveliest wrought iron fruit basket. It was the perfect solution for storing our Georgia peaches and at a pretty price, too. Happily, it now lives on our counter where the old splintered peach crate that was our fruit storage used to live.

balcony furnitureI was a major home body this week, spending most of my free time cooking up our farmer’s market hauls or redecorating/reorganizing our apartment. I came back from vacation inspired and refreshed, and I needed a living space to reflect that. The most recent acquisition to result from my decorating frenzy now sits on our back balcony, where I plan to sit practically every evening this summer, fall, and probably winter, sipping one of these and swatting mosquitos. It is Georgia after all. 
ikeabooksAs if I didn’t already fantasize about living in Ikea (come on, admit you have, too), this book stack centerpiece certainly sealed the deal. Spotted while we were out shopping for aforementioned patio furniture.

tinctures cabinetteHelping to move your sister and brother-in-law into a new apartment does have its perks, like free furniture. When I saw this glass-fronted tea cabinet I knew it was going to be the new home for my herbal concoctions. I must say, I’m pleased with the results. It certainly makes an improvement over the cardboard box where everything used to lived.


Today was the first team meeting for my new job.  Excited, challenged, inspired .. how many adjectives can I think of to describe how I felt? To say I was inspired by the women I’ll be working with would be a huge understatement. I left with an armful of books and a fire in my belly, eager to start prepping for my first year teaching ESL.


In other news: this New Orleans bartender shows us what being passionate about your job is all about. That voice.

Hope you have an inspired weekend!


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