Can I admit that the hardest part about leaving for two months on our trip was handing over our beloved garden to the care of friends? Though we knew they’d be in trustworthy, green thumbed hands, it was heartbreaking to give up, at least temporarily, that joyful patch of green on our balcony. I sound ridiculous, I know. Proof that kids are still a loooong way off.

In any case, you can imagine our delight when we picked up our beloved garden last night and saw how much they grown. Here they all are happily reinstalled back on our patio. Our tomatoes and one lone sunflower were too big to transport, so they’re staying with our friends. Thanks to the generous amount of rain that has fallen on the southeast these past weeks (this is the first summer in my teenage/adult memory where we have not been in a drought), it was necessary to prune some of the herbs. Bunches of the fragrant leaves are now drying in my kitchen and there’s a bouquet of basil waiting to be turned into pesto. While I was taking pictures, a pair of inquisitive cardinals flew down to inspect my work. You can see the female, just next to my cheese mouse window pendant. And down below on the basket.

After a busy final week of living out of suitcase (on the heels of two months of travel), nothing feels better right now than to sit outside, coffee in hand, and watch my garden grow.

  1. It nice to know someone else has the same habits & calls it a “garden” too :)
    Yes, I always planned my plantings around my summer short absences but long enough to damage my babies if there would only be occasional downpours…
    You are very lucky to have such gifted friends! I came up with a system of a bucket of water, a long thick cord that i connected from the water to the earth in the plant pot and if it’s well done with a trial period a week beforehand, it really works!

  2. bobbi said:

    Love it! I need to transplant some of my things. I have peppers that are just sying to be in the ground and my Rosemary needs some love…LOVE, love, love the cardinals, they are my favorites. I love theri “peep’s”

  3. Iris said:

    Cardinals are so pretty. I love your mouse suncatcher! I’m glad your garden was in great hands.

  4. Yes! I just got back from a two-week vacation and spent the first morning home tending our herb garden. What a lovely spot you have.

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