Tiled roofs and poppies

IMG_4386 IMG_4356 IMG_4306 IMG_4240 IMG_4283 les toiture en toiles IMG_4218 IMG_4210 IMG_4199 IMG_4371 IMG_4219 IMG_4354Two of Provence’s most striking (and photogenic) features didn’t once fail to elicit a gasp and a click of our camera shutter on this last trip. Scarlet poppies growing in wheat fields, along hedges and out of rock walls were the first, les toiture en toiles, or, clay tiled roofs, were the second. It helps that the villages are mostly all built along cliffs or into hillsides, so you get a lovely layered view of the roofs when you stand at the top. As for the poppies, let’s just say Luke finally understands why I used to go wax poetic every time the subject of Provence came up. The typical response used to be, “The air smells of lavender and rosemary, and the countryside is a series of vineyards, fruit trees and wheat fields, and vivid red poppies fill in all the gaps.”

I still stand by that description, except now I’d add that Provence tastes of Pastis.

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  1. Iris said:

    Absolutely stunning scenery there.

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