Is this message for twenty-somethings spot on or off the mark?

How were your twenties? If you’re still in them, how are they going? As I near my quarter century birthday, I must admit, I’m filled with equal parts inspiration and anxiety when I listen to Meg Jay’s TED talk. The premise of Jay’s message is that our twenties are “the defining decade of adulthood,” and not throwaway years as our culture tells us. She says: “Claiming your twenties are the most transformative thing you can do for work, for love, and for your happiness.”

Will you listen to it if you haven’t already? I’d love to hear what you think!

For myself, I feel like I need to be alert to the warning she gives about using our twenties as a time of exploration but not procrastination. Having said that, I think there’s a lot of good in taking risks while you aren’t tied down by career and family, and even activities that walk the line between exploration and procrastination teach us key life lessons. I’d add that in addition to going with “that cross country job, that internship or that start-up you want to try,” we should dare to explore what truly makes us happy and pursue it even if it’s not “an investment into our future career.”

As for the relationship part of her talk, all I can do is breath a sigh of relief. I often tell people who ask about Luke’s and my story that I am the last person they should ever come to for dating advice. Meeting my best friend at age 12, dating him at age 17, somehow managing to make that relationship work long distance, and then marrying him at age 22 — I got lucky, plain and simple. I wouldn’t know the first thing about dating if I had to do it now. So I tip my hat to all you dating twenty-somethings. I’m full of admiration for your resilience and perseverance.

So, I’d love to know. How were your twenties? If you’re in them, how are they going? Do you look back and regret anything or do you think you’ll look back with regret? Is Jay on target or totally off the mark?hikingpyreneesescargotweddingleavingAnd a couple highlights from my twenties so far: hiking in the French Pyrenees, eating escargot for the first time, and getting hitched.


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