A few things to celebrate

cabot tower bristolThere were many noteworthies this week but all of them pale in comparison to Luke’s exciting new…. He passed! He’s now officially Dr. Luke! Congratulations, my dear! You’ve worked hard and I’m so proud of you.

cabot towerYou can’t really beat that, but I’ll mention a few others anyway and then I’m off to help him celebrate. For starters there was our long-awaited climb up Cabot Tower. In all the time that I was either visiting Luke or living in Bristol, the imposing sandstone tower in the center of Brandon Hill park was closed for repairs. It was all the more tragic because Cabot Tower was one of Luke’s favorite spots in Bristol and he’d always dreamed of taking me up to the top. Well, finally, two years later, we made it. The 360 degree views of the city and surrounding countryside were well worth the dizzying spiral climb to the top.

cabot tower lukebristol view

A few more things…

bristol harbour crepeSavory crepes eaten on the sun drenched Bristol harbor.

starboard sea

Unputdownable books read in sunny parks and on rooftop patios. Luke may have been, you know, defending five years of hard-slog doctoral research, but the rest of us were on vacation. I finished this sad, beautiful book yesterday and the loss was only bearable because I had two more books waiting for me back at the flat.

new booksSaid books courtesy of Mr. B’s.

chilli fudgeAlso fudge. Lots and lots of Bath fudge. I’d like to say I don’t eat as much of the chilli chocolate since it’s so spicy, but let’s be honest. Which is why…

totterdown stairs…these stairs (all 156 of them!) were so crucial. A twice daily hike up these, on top of several miles of hilly walking, and I’m feeling better about the bathing suit portion of our trip to Portugal at the end of the month.

IMG_2569Making new friends. Ever since discovering Maddie, Luke and I have been on the lookout for the perfect dog. An objective criteria, sure, but Tuey here might just fit the bill.

And since it may just be a bubbly kind of night, how to sabre champagne with a spoon. Have a great weekend!

PS, Another classic combination of chillies and booze.

  1. Claire said:

    Your lives are amazing! Congratulations Luke! Enjoy this time of celebration and now…vacation. Breathe and relax!

  2. mrszeg said:

    Amazing pictures! Congrats Luke!

  3. silverwoodbooks said:

    Huge congratulations to Luke. You must both be over the moon. Lovely pics of the tower (and Tuey is so sweet!). XX

  4. Iris said:

    Congratulations to Luke!

  5. Wow your lives sure are good! My life is so crazy though. You have fun!

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