A few pictures

What are you up to this weekend? On Thursday we arrived in England and have, since then, been enjoying a relaxing visit with Luke’s family. So far highlights have included long walks along the river, discussing all the exciting details of a brother’s upcoming wedding, and lots and lots of tea and cake. Though we’ve done nothing bookshop related (yet), I thought I’d share a few pictures. Would you like to see?

birmingham arrival(In the airport — tired but happy!)wax stamp invitation(Finally getting to receive our fancy invitation to the wedding.)severn river(Walk into town along the river Severn)tudor buildings shrewsburybroken fenceshrewsbury urc riverthe crowne pub severnshrewsbury dingleshrewsburybear steps shrewsburycakes(I did mention the cakes, right?)welsh bridge shrewsburyelephant mask(Goofing around, playing with wedding photo booth props)

I won’t inundate you, but there may perhaps be more pics to follow next Friday. And a bookshop or two before then? Who knows?

What are you doing this weekend? I hope it’s relaxing and filled with great reading.

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