Roadside Typists in Kigali

Typists in RwandaLike characters from an Andrew McCall Smith book, these Rwandan women earn their living typing everything from CVs to love letters from roadside booths in Kigali, reported Jenny Clover in the Guardian on Friday.

Typist Marie Gorette Nimukuze explains: “it’s very confidential what we do, we never tell people what we’ve written. When people ask us to write letters there is a trust there and we don’t break it.”

Her colleague Aurelie Mukankwiro says her favorite thing to write are plays people have written.

Sadly, computers are encroaching on their business. The women fear that in five years they won’t be there.

Much is gained with the increased accessibility to computers — that’s obvious — but so much is lost in the process. Don’t you think?

If they do go out of business, I hope someone interviews them and puts their stories in a book. Or better yet, they should write their own.

(Photo by Sean Jones)


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