A few things

pink bloomsIt’s hard to believe that Luke and I leave for England in just a week and a half (!!). We spent much of this week ticking things off our to-do list: cleaning, finding apartment sitters, dusting the crazy thick layer of pollen that was coating every piece of furniture in our house, organizing our closets. We’ve felt very productive and, crazily, not really all that stressed. Yet? I hope we continue to be excited and joyful in the days leading up to our departure and keep any anxious thoughts at bay, because, let’s face it, we have so much to be thankful for. Such as…

rain pollenThe rain. All week Atlanta was enveloped in a thick blanket of yellow pollen. Finally, a storm rolled through last night and washed it all away. But would you believe it’s almost all back?!

Atlanta bloomsdogwoods IMG_2113Blooms. Big, blousey, fragrant blooms. Everywhere.

fresh kaleGreens freshly harvest from a community garden make the best hostest gift.

theriverwhyA book recommendation from a friend. I’m thinking this will make a great airplane read. Have you read it?


Allergy tea. Yes, please.

Remember My Ideal Bookshelf? These booksellers commissioned their own ideal bookshelf.

Would you work on an organic farm in Provence in exchange for free room and board? We’re considering it!

What will you do this weekend? Reading any good books?

  1. wow!
    i know how youre feeling….i get that feeling every time i have to fly…a 1001 things to check….
    but that awful pollen! i sometimes get hayfever…somehow this year and some years, i dont…not yet anyway!
    i do have a remedy for all that crazy sneezing etc though….from an african guy i met on my travels…..grab a thumb sized piece of fresh ginger, peel it, cut into smaller pieces, eat it, chewing thoroughly, then have a nice hot drink afterwards.
    it will really heat up your throat, chest, nose etc and the sneezing and itching nose will stop….

  2. Don’t think you need worry about pollen here in England. Spring is being very coy and barely a bud is on the trees. However, who knows what could happen in a week.

  3. Iris said:

    Have a great time in England!

    I’m still working on finishing Mouse Guard this weekend.

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