Grow your own in pots

balcony garden herbsbalcony gardenEven though we’re leaving for England in 2 short weeks (for two whole months!!), we couldn’t resist putting some green stuff out on our balcony this weekend. Our modest success with tomatoes, peppers and a select few herbs last year spurned us on to try again with the same size crop, while our upsets made us more determined to get it right this year. (Rosemary, I’m looking at you.) Thanks to friends with green thumbs and transportable gardens, our plants may just stand a chance while we’re away. And if all goes as planned, we’ll have tomatoes waiting for us when we get back in June.

What we’ve learned:

balcony garden herbs 21) Just like college roommates, planter buddies must have basic similar habits, likes and dislikes. Full sun or part shade? Thirsty or not so thirsty? Last year’s cilantro-Thai basil-parsley never had a chance. This year’s parsley and basil, and their neighbors down the hall, sage and rosemary, are getting off to a great start.

balcony garden mint2) Mint is an escape artist. But when confined to a manageable basket, as opposed to being left to his own devices in a garden plot (where he will take over), he is a delightful little survivor. Think of all the mojitos he will provide.

balcony garden marigolds3) Marigolds. Loved by plants, bees and butterflies, despised by pests. Not to mention, easy on the eyes.

growyourowninpots4) Buy a book. This one has proven practical, straight-forward and inspired, as container gardening should be. You guys. Potatoes grown in bags. Our minds were blown. We must grow potatoes in bags now. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen until late summer/early fall, along with the garlic, beets and onions. So consider this the dress rehearsal.

How does your garden grow? I’d love to hear.

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