Rules for Life

iona cliffSo yesterday I made a big life decision. At least it felt big to me. It involved turning down a promotion in favor of a less certain, less secure, but, I hope, happier future. Basically, I chose to build my future on my own terms. If that makes sense. I’m sure the “What was I thinking”s will come later, but for now I’m feeling good about the decision.

Still, it was hard work trying to hush all the clamoring voices in my head that shout about doing the “sensible” thing and the “responsible” thing. Thankfully, the voices coming in from outside know what’s up.

One of those intervening voices shared some very helpful advice with me, advice that had been passed on to her by another voice, and which I’m passing on to you now. The author of Ally’s Rules for Life is a real person my sister met on a pilgrimage to Iona (you can read all about her adventure here, if you like), and they are effectively a compass, written with the aim of helping you reassess and get back on course. Ally recommends you do the exercise every year. I intend to!

Will you do them?

Ally’s Rules for Life

* Before answering, Ally urges you to be realistic and gentle with yourself. (I would add honest to that!)

1) What makes you laugh and enjoy life? What is there to celebrate?
2) What nourishes your body? mind? spirit?
3) What relationships are important to you?
4) How do you keep community with God at the moment?
5) What things help your spiritual journey?
7) What practices would you like to include in your life daily? weekly? monthly? annually?

(Originally posted on Waked Up)

(Photo of my sister and me in Ireland circa 2005:)

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  1. jilrob said:

    These are great questions to ask when defining your values. What is it that you would need to make a perfect day?

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