A few things

pastel eggWelcome to the weekend, friends! What do you have planned? The weather has warmed up again here (thankfully for us thin-blooded Atlantans!), so Luke and I are looking forward to walking everywhere that our errands permit. The one indoor activity I have planned today is making my grandmother’s famous mac n’ cheese for our family’s Easter meal. Then we’ll be driving up the NC on Sunday for said meal. I’m excited to be bringing up a few growlers of local beer to share with everyone, including one beer brewed by a neighbor I met a couple days ago. I felt like I needed a good pinch when I learned that we had a neighbor in walking distance from us with a garage full of award-winning home brews.

In the meantime, here are a few things for your weekend reading.

The sad news first: Amazon is buying Goodreads. A lot of people in the industry have already closed their accounts. Will you?

On a happier note, Inkwood Books (who I’ve featured before) has a new owner.

My alma mater has needed a famous author on their faculty for a while and now they have one. I’ll be reading her novel first and then her short stories.

While spring has me thinking about gardening, these dried flowers would be lovely in the house all year long.

The show that Jon Stewart says “is so good it makes me angry” is coming to Atlanta! In 2014. Putting it on our calendar anyway.

Enjoy your weekend!

(Image of hand-painted pastel wooden egg from Elizabethan Folk Art)

  1. Luisa said:

    I am tempted to close my goodreads account, but I don’t want to be a hypocrite… I mean, I buy books from Amazon, and from Abebooks, from independent shops and used bookstores. So I don’t know, I just exported my stuff in case Amazon does a big overhaul and starts shamlessly promoting garbage. But it bothered me, definitely.

  2. Iris said:

    I’m keeping my goodreads account. I haven’t had many issues with Amazon. Haven’t purchased from them but use them to pay for Kickstarter pledges. I just hope they don’t overhaul goodreads too much.

    The thistle mound from Etsy is really cute.

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