Dr. Seuss birthday party

cakecupcakesFor MLK weekend, we drove down to the sunshine state to celebrate a very special birthday. My cousin’s baby was turning one. Naturally, for such an auspicious occasion, you celebrate in style. Dr. Seuss style. seussjuice2greeneggshamWhat do you serve to your guests at a Dr. Seuss birthday party? Green eggs and ham, naturally! drseussbookcakeYou hire a baker to create not one, not two, but three Dr. Seuss inspired incredible cakes (and cupcakes!), including a two-tiered book cake. seussbooksigningInstead of a traditional guest book, you allow your guests to sign special messages to the birthday boy Happy Birthday to You! When he’s older, won’t it be so special for him to read all those heartfelt, funny and whimsical messages from so many people who care so much about him?tabledecorationYou decorate your tables with Cat in the Hat-inspired cloth table runners and — what else? — Dr. Seuss books. I have to say, there were more than a few adults sitting by themselves at various moments throughout the day with their noses stuck in Yurtle the Turtle and Oh the Places You’ll Go.
kaismashcakeAnd because he’s turning one, you let your little one have at it on his very own smash cake. Because for at least one day in your life, it’s okay to play with your food.

All photos were taken by the talented Jen Callazo (except for the close up of the cake, which I took on my iPad). If you can believe it, the entire party, down to every last detail, was conceived and executed by my visionary cousin. You can check out her Pinterest board, here, if you’re curious to see what goes into a Dr. Seuss birthday party.

Isn’t this just the cutest idea for a first birthday party? Definitely on par with a zombie themed baby shower. 

I’m inspired. So I want your honest opinion now: How would an Anna Karenina 25th birthday party go down? Nerdy? Lame? Awesome?

1 comment
  1. Iris said:

    The Dr. Seuss and zombie themed parties are cute.

    I think an Anna Karenina themed party would be lovely and really awesome.

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