My favorite Christmas present

Anna Karenina frontcoverHow was you holiday? I hope it was joyful, delicious and cozy. Now, time to share! Remember how as a kid your teacher (or minister) would let you bring your one favorite gift from Christmas to show everyone? You got to talk about it, tell the story behind it, and explain why it was awesome, and all the other kids would ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’. I was hoping we could do that with…books! For my show and tell, I’d love to show you what Luke got me for Christmas.
anna karenina spineA gorgeous, leather-bound collector’s copy of my all-time favorite book, Anna Karenina. It’s absolutely perfect. Despite all the pressure I put on him, Luke did an amazing job finding exactly the right book to truly honor the author and the words of this special book. I couldn’t be more pleased with it. I mean, just look at it!anna karenina gildOxblood leather with geometric gold design. Gilt edged paper.

anna karenina openA gold ribbon to mark my page. Plus, I love the layout of each page; there’s plenty of white space to draw the eye to the words. In fact, everything about the design of this edition is intended to honor the words.
anna karenina picture
There are even a few sketches and watercolors. I love this one of snowy Moscow. anna karenina coverpageAnd one of the man himself. He cuts quite a figure in this portrait, not at all the way I picture him. It’s the Constance Garnett translation, who I’ve read made all her translations sound like Victorian English novels. It’s a collector’s copy, though, so not one I’d bring to a Russian literature class. It is one I will cherish and enjoy and, yes, read.

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