A year well lived

thebestisyettocomeAs I come to write the obligatory 2012 in Review post, I find myself instead sitting on my pink couch listening to the domestic sounds of my life here. It’s my life of 2012. Through the door to the kitchen are the comforting sounds of a stew bubbling on the stove and my husband cleaning up after my culinary exploits from the day. I’m so blessed in the partner department –– and not just because he washes the dishes and does most of the housework. Through the thin walls of our apartment complex I can hear our neighbors’ now two year-old son babbling away. We’ve been blessed with neighbors who are also friends, with whom we’ve shared food, tea, conversation and laughter; we’ve been blessed to be able to watch their child grow from a bow-legged, dimpled tot who dances whenever music’s playing to a little man who has just recently discovered the secret of pairing vibrating vocal chords with intricate facial movements in such a way that adults peel with delighted laughter at the sounds that are produced. Now that he’s cracked it, he must replicate his newfound skill at every opportunity. Volume control has yet to be mastered.

I can’t ignore the sound of these keys tip-tapping away either. They’ve been at it nearly every day this year. I’m blessed to have this space to record my obsession with books and independent bookstores and, this year in particular, a myriad other interests. I’m blessed most of all to have readers who want to read what I have to say. Heaven knows why.

That’s the heart of it, really. I could tell you about the pile of books on my coffee table right now, but you’ll hear about those soon enough. I could go back and make a superlative list of my favorite indie bookstores from 2012, though I’d hate to have to leave any of them out. I could create a Best and Worst of 2012 book list for you and add my voice to the many clambering for attention in all four corners of the blogosphere, but there won’t be too many surprises on my list, especially if you’ve been following these pages for a while (The Magicians? No. The Night Circus? Yes.) So I’ll spare you.

So instead, I’ll simply say: Happy New Year. May 2013 promise adventure and surprise for you at every turn, and may you all be truly blessed.

Thank you for reading!

(The Best is Yet to Come pillow from Casa and Co.)

  1. Iris said:

    Happy New Year, Erin!

  2. Alex in Leeds said:

    How very elegant. Happy New Year to you too. :)

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