Chili-Pomegranate Infused Tequila

pomegranate-chili-tequilaBooks make great Christmas presents, sure, but a little chili-infused alcohol never hurt anyone either. I’ve mentioned before that I’m all about hand-made gifts this year. That said, not everyone on my Christmas list takes baths or lives in a place where a hand knit beanie is a weather appropriate accessory. Enter chili and pomegranate infused tequila. Spicy with just that subtle taste of sweetness, this concoction would be a delicious twist on the classic Bloody Mary. I think I know a few people who would love to find a bottle of this under their Christmas tree.

deseed chilis

I am an embarrassment to the blogging community — just look at my chipped nail polish!

pomegranatechili tequilainfusedtequilaIMG_1271It’s fairly straight forward, really. For one 750ml bottle of tequila blanco, I used 5 (or so) tried red chilis. First, I cut them lengthwise and removed the seeds, and then I added them along with the fruit pearls from half a pomegranate to a large jar. Do you know the awesome chefy method for removing pomegranate seeds? I just learned it after watching an old Jamie Oliver episode. Hold half of the pomegranate over a bowl with the cut side facing your palm. Whack the outer skin with a spoon. All the seeds fall right into your hand and the bowl. Brilliant, right?

Bung everything together in an air-tight jar and leave to infuse for 3-5 days.

I’m kind of impressed with myself. Not going to lie. What other alcohol infusions have you tried? Mint gin? Sloe brandy? I’d love to hear.


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