Holiday Gift Guide #4…


For my fellow last minute shoppers, here are a few ideas for that kindhearted, outdoorsy, day-dreaming, ever-so-charmingly geeky man in your life.

1. A few good books: One that he’s had his eye on, and one that he’s been suggesting for months for your next ‘couples read.’

2. A weekend get-away in the Smoky Mountains, because it’s been over a year since y’all went hiking or camping and you could both use some fresh mountain air. Stay in a yurt just for fun.

3. Make him a bottle of tequila hot sauce for sprinkling over fish tacos and collard greens.

4. A flannel bath robe to keep him warm and cozy when he’s working from home and because they’re just so British.

5. A radio controlled glider that he can fly when you go up to the mountains.

6. A steampunk toggle switch plate so he can feel like he’s going into his secret inventor’s lab every time he switches the light on in his office.

7. A stunning wood laptop stand made from sustainable Finish pine. To make his days spent working on the computer a little more comfortable and beautiful.

8. A dvd copy of This American Life’s highly entertaining live radio showbecause it’s one of your favorite things that you do together.

I hope you all have the happiest of holidays this year. Are you planning on giving books as gifts? If so, remember to shop local at your independent bookstores.


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