What should I read next?


Have you spent any time on this book recommendation website? I don’t know how many people actually read the books that are recommended there — don’t we normally prefer personal or authoritative recommendations to randomly generated search engines? — but I like the idea of finding similar books to ones you’ve previously enjoyed.

I tested it out by searching a pop-sci book that Luke loved (scouting for Christmas presents, obvi). The search engine doesn’t work quite so well for pop-sci — I was recommended RL Stein along side Karl Marx and Stephen King. But it worked a little better for my kind of books.

Anyway. Have you tried it out? I think I’d just as soon go to my bookseller for a recommendation. How do you find book recommendations?

(And a past post about getting the most out of your bookseller:)

(Top photo from Book Seer, another site that does a similar thing. However, I’m not sure they’re operating anymore.)

  1. A.M.B. said:

    I haven’t tried it out, but now I’m curious. I usually get my recommendations from bloggers (even before I started a blog myself).

  2. Luisa said:

    I normally roam around bookstores and pick my books myself. I rarely rely on recommendations except from specialty bookstores. For example Partners & Crime when I go to New York. But since I’m a brit lit fanatical and this website you mention seems to be british I’m going to give it a whirl! Thanks for posting it.

  3. This is a good idea. Unfortunately, of the 5 books I searched only one came up and that was a classic. (The Tale of Genji) :-( I get most of my recommendations from friends and NPR Books. I guess I’ll have to stick with that.

  4. Iris said:

    I get my reading ideas and recommendations from review sites (a recent one has been Pop Cults), newspapers, magazines, CBC radio (Canada Reads), and award shows (the Giller Prize gave me great ideas on new books to read). Friends and acquaintances have also recommended books for me to read.

    I also wander around bookstores and libraries and look at items which catch my eye.

  5. saramalisa said:

    I’ve used it a few times. I’m usually paralyzed by too many choices when I’m in a bookstore or library. So it has been a good way for me to narrow down my choices based on a book or author I liked.

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