Gifts for your mom…


…who lights up whenever you ask her what she’s been reading lately, who is the gamest and most creative travel planner you know, and who has given you a special Christmas ornament every year on the first day of Advent since you were born.

1) A few books by authors your both enjoy, so you can talk about them later: Barbara Kingsolver and Susan Vreeland.

2) A save-the-date for a weekend in Nashville where you can visit Parnassus Books together, where the owner just so happens to be one of her favorite authors.

3) A ‘not frumpy’ polka dot silk sleep shirt, since she used to buy you PJs every Christmas Eve.

4) A cookie baking class to take together, where you’ll learn 4 different irresistible cookie recipes.

5) An all-natural Rose-Vanilla tinted lip salve, to keep her moisturized and looking frost-blushed all winter long.

6) A sachet of mulling spices for making mulled wine together on Christmas and New Years.

7) A gift box of artisan pestos from that Italian bakery you enjoyed so much on her last visit.

8) A minimalist set of botanical print bookmarks. So lovely.

  1. Barbara Kingsolver – great choice!

  2. ooh, I like this! But did you leave off number 8?

    • Erin said:

      I did! Thanks for letting me know. Fixed now.

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