#2 Holiday Gift Guide: Your artist sister


Today’s gift guide is for your artistic, jet-setting sister who drinks tea by the gallon, paints you pictures for you birthday and can quote any line from any Disney movie ever made.

1. Two good books to steal her away on long flights: Wolf Hall by Hillary Mantel and My Invented Country by Isabel Allende. $15 each.

2. A Bullhorn iPad speaker so she can watch banjo tutorials, do yoga from home, or just entertain her guests. $22.

3. An Infinity Scarf in ‘Wildfire’, printed on organic cotton, to keep her warm and colorful wherever she is in the world. $70.

4. Jasmine Incense with a revolutionary spirit to perfume her house. £25.

5. A traditional Japanese green tea incense burner, so she can make her own incense out of used tea leaves.

6. A travel set of watercolor paints made from flowers, so she can paint wherever she is in the world. $38.

7. A travel tea thermos and set of tiny loose tea tins so she can brew her favorite tea on top of a mountain. $20 and $18.

1 comment
  1. Sara said:

    I’d say she’d love everything on this list!!!

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