#1 Holiday Gift Guide: A new mother


If you’ve been reading these pages for a while now, you’ll know my interests, much like the sections of an independent bookstore, cover a range of subjects. Books are certainly at the top of the list when I’m thinking of gifts for others (and myself!), but if the recipient is anything like me, she probably likes to soak in delicious smelling bath goodies, fill her belly with scrumptious baked goods, go for hikes, listen to music, and enjoy a little body and soul renewal every now and then, too. I suspect, just like the book-lovers you’ll be shopping for this season. So even if we’d like to buy our loved ones nothing but books, a good book nestled in a basket of other lovely goodies makes the gift extra special. I hope these Gift Guides get the ideas going. Enjoy!

1) A Wellness Massage — Since I can only imagine what caring for a 10 month-old does to the body. Woldn’t it be great to splurge on a 2 hour full body massage? Or a more affordable Reflexology Massage. :)

2) Operating Instructions by Ann Lamott, to add some much-needed humor as well as wisdom to her parenting reading. And, just because, a love story.

3) A gift box of fresh, handmade shower gels, scrubs and lotions because, let’s face it, she’s not going to get to soak in a bath anytime soon. Refreshing citrus (and tequila(!!) since she’s nursing and can’t drink it) is the next best thing.

4) A basket of handmade items she can use in her baking — homemade vanilla extract, boiled apple cider syrup, a handmade spice rack Or even a handmade herbal “First Aid” Kit, like this one, so she can keep herself and her family healthy all winter long

5) A magnetic photo set of her family and friends that’s also an alphabet game that she can play with her baby.

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