Which iPhone/iPad apps do you like?

Assateague Island

Dear Friends,

You may remember I was gifted an iPad last Christmas. I know. Hugely generous gift. Not complaining at all. But, having stood in the “real book” camp for so long, I’ve struggled to transition to the iPad for reading/book-related activities. Actually, I’ve failed miserably. When I wrote this post in January, I hadn’t even read a book on my iPad. Almost a year later, I still haven’t. In fact, not a lot has changed in my life as far as how I interact with technology, compared with a year ago when I owned a computer only. I still read books because, at the end of a long day of staring at a computer screen, I don’t want to stare at a screen some more.

I have experimented with a few apps and my favorites, i.e., the ones I use consistently, are: This American Life podcast, WordPress for iPad, Scoutmob, IndieBound (which I use to search local indie bookshops when I’m traveling to a new city) and Noteshelf (a cool app that lets you draw on photos). But aside from these guys, I haven’t found any other apps that apply to my lifestyle.

So I’m asking you folks, because I know you’ll know, what are some of your favorite apps? Particularly of a bookish bent? Do you make refrigerator poetry on your iPad? Do you study T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land?

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  1. mikes75 said:

    Not specifically a book app, but I use SoundCloud often, which is a great way to stream new music, podcasts, and I’ve even found audio books and speeches there!

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