The Shoppe Around the Corner

So the cold won in the end, and I spent yesterday swilling tea and napping in a nest of tissues. Funny how sickness always puts me in the mood for Nora Ephron. You know, I hadn’t watched You’ve Got Mail in many years, even though independent booksellers allude to it on the regular. If you haven’t watched it recently, I’d highly recommend it. First of all, the sounds of AOL (there’s a throw back) connecting to the internet sent us on a time warp. Seriously. Buzz – Bing – Wirr and I was back to our family’s first computer, waiting to sign on to IM so I could talk to a 16 year-old version of my husband.

Secondly, it’s ironic watching the rise of big box bookstores on this end of their fall. One giant devours another. (Did anyone else think it was ironic how Meg Ryan bought her coffee from Starbucks?) Everywhere you turn this week, you hear about Amazon, WalMart, Google and Starbucks sucking the life-blood out of local business. I’ll refrain from getting too preachy on this post, but I will leave you with a link to a video clip of British MPs condemning an Amazon representative for not disclosing any information whatsoever about his company’s tax payments. Amazon got grilled along with Google UK and Starbucks. It was beautiful.

  1. Lauren said:

    Best. movie. ever. My dream when I was younger was to own a book store just like the Shoppe Around the Corner – everything about it just makes me smile! I always loved this spin on a classical kind of correspondence – they may be on historic computers shooting emails back and forth, but the style is very letter-writing-esque. The familiarity, the openness, the beautiful way they talk about New York in the fall. One of my favourite quotes: “So much of what I see in the world reminds me of something I read in a book, but shouldn’t it be the other way around?” – sounds so much like something I might say.

    I may need to go and watch this now….

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