United States-shaped Bookshelf

I would love to have this bookshelf (and enough wall space to accomodate it) for organizing literature by region. If I’m going to be patriotic, I’m going to be bookishly so. The only problem being, some of the richest literary states are a bit too wee to hold all the books. It reminds me of the book maps from The Literary Gift Company. Did you ever see it?

Do you find that your reading tastes gravitate toward readers from a certain region? I probably read a good deal of southern and New England literature. How about you?

PS, more dreamy Book Spaces.


  1. Autumn said:

    That is a dreamy bookshelf, and boy oh boy I’d love to have one! I find myself reading a LOT of novels that are set in California & the South. Other than that, most are set in nondescript American small towns or in Europe.

  2. jamielynne82 said:

    That it pretty much the best book shelf I have ever scene. Maybe one day. :)

  3. Eilen said:

    Where can I get one?

  4. Ralph Hendricks said:

    Where can i get one for my daughter?

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