The Night Circus-themed staff meeting

I love it when I meet another person who’s just as obsessed with a book as I am. But an entire company? The other night, I was delighted to find that my boss had designed a Night Circus-themed staff meeting. She even made a wishing tree. We drank mulled wine, listened to Erin Morgenstern’s playlist (you know, the one she listened to while she wrote the book), read passages from the book, added our own wishes to the Wishing Tree, and took turns doing Tarot readings on someone’s iPhone App. And then we talked about our November goals.

Turns out LUSH’s co-fonder, Mark Constantine, was inspired by the book and themed the entire international meeting off of it this summer. They even made special tote bags, one of which I was lucky enough to snag.

Just another example of the power of books connecting people from all different backgrounds. And just another reason I love working for LUSH.

Have you read it yet? Will you?

  1. mrszeg said:

    I am reading and becoming obsessed right now!

  2. Reblogged this on Zen Garden and commented:
    this is a great book. it will take you away from the gloominess of late october. go buy it!

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