Just an inappropriate picture of Hemingway to (hopefully) brighten your day.

(via Lost)

  1. asiancajuns said:

    Hahaha — love the pic, Erin!
    Is that Martha Gellhorn doing the honors? I just read an article about her and want to get my hands on a biography! She sounds more fascinating than Hemmingway.

  2. Erin said:

    Yes! It is Martha. Isn’t it great? Of course, it comes with a typical Hemmingway-esque story. He was in the hospital after getting into a bit of a scrape coming home from a boozy party that Martha threw for him. Just Hemmingway being Hemmingway. Wow! I hadn’t read much about Martha until just now and, you’re right, she sounds way more fascinating than Hemmingway. Considered one of the best war correspondants of the 20th century. High praise.

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