How to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in East Atlanta

You can feast on over easy eggs perched on made-from-scratch biscuits with veggies sausage and a side of cheesy, Sriracha-drizzled red potatoes. You can sing anti-war spirituals at church and listen to your friend’s story about the time her kid glued his lips together with Elmer’s thinking it was Chapstick. You can go out for your second restaurant meal of the day, sit on the patio where the sun is warm but the early fall breeze makes you glad you opted for a sweater this morning. You can sip on a crisp beer with a your husband and friend who shares memories from his wedding four months ago and, adorably, can hardly surpress his grin. You can come home and take a long, blissful nap. And then you can top off the day with a visit to a local independent bookshop where a furry, orange cat sleeps on top of a bookshelf.

You can talk to Jeff about Atlanta history and you’ll learn that Bound to Be Read Books has the largest collection of Atlanta history books in the region. You can ask him what his favorite neighborhood is and he’ll tell you: Grant Park, his ‘hood.

You can endure the jeers of “cat lady” and take pictures of the bookstore tabby from several different angles because he’s just so adorable. You can walk around the groovy neighborhood of East Atlanta, home to two of your favorite haunts, the East Atlanta farmer’s market and Graveyard Tavern. You can remember the time you perused this bookstore after a plateful of vegan wings when you were so stuffed you thought your husband would have to roll you out like Violet Beauregard and her premature departure from the Willy Wanka factory. You can remark that bookstore browsing is a fantastic digestive aid. You can wonder why there aren’t more independent bookstores in neighborhoods known for their great restaurants and bars. You can wonder why there aren’t more independent bookstores. 
And then you can buy a book.

Any guesses as to what book it is? Also, I’d love to hear what you did this weekend. Visit any bookstores? Read any good books?

  1. Anne Lowrance said:

    What a lovely Sunday! Beautifully written; I felt like I was there with you :)

  2. Cloud Atlas?! I still haven’t read it and so should before even thinking about the movie. I’m so glad Bound to Be Read is still open. Cath and I used to go right when it opened — the inventory was so much teenier, but still wonderful.
    What a lovely Sunday too, Erin! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

    • Erin said:

      Yes! Cloud Atlas, it is. You’re good. I started reading it last night in the bath and am seriously impressed. That’s so cool you and Cath used to go there. Yes, it’s still opened, but, I get the sense, just barely. Like all indie bookstores. I hope you had a nice weekend, too, Lar!

  3. I just went to Bound to Be Read a few weeks ago. They do have an amazing Southern history section. Definitely will go back!

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