A zombie baby shower (and your favorite Halloween children’s books)

I wanted to share a few shots from my friend’s zombie-themed baby shower over the weekend. After having experienced it, I can’t now imagine going to a baby shower that doesn’t feature a zombie baby piñata. So, in future, friends and family, please have your babies around Halloween. Thanks.

Bats on the wall and a bloody curtain set the mood.

Bloody margaritas kept the atmosphere festive as well as fun. I found a recipe here. (Hint: my friend who was bartending drizzled corn syrup mixed with food coloring along the inside of the cups.)

My friend’s shirt was cracking me up so much. Oh yeah, we did “normal” baby shower things, too, like all of us trying to guess how round my friend’s belly was.

Such a great themed party! And now I think I may finally break down and read Pride & Prejudice and Zombies. Wouldn’t that make a great bridal shower theme?

It also got me thinking about Halloween children’s books. What did you read as a kid at Halloween? What do you read to your children? I remember reading this cute book in one of my classes. I’d love to hear your recommendations, especially now that I’m kind of into Halloween (though nothing too scary!).

  1. I still don’t ever want to have to go to another baby shower again… but I whole-heartedly support zombie themed events…

  2. Erin said:

    asoulwalker – I totally understand! The zombie part made it a whole different animal. Melissa – it was so much fun!

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