Aristotle gives advice to a phd student

Spare a thought for Luke these next couple weeks. He’s heroically writing the final chapters of his phd thesis and is so close to being finished. Still, there are many hurdles between today and that visible finished line. It’s been a rewarding five years, and now we’re ready for the next stage. Hate to be constantly longing for the future. But what can you do? Future planning is good for goal-setting, I guess: we’re looking forward to Iceland, pursuing creative projects that we’ve previously put on hold, thinking about applying for jobs, maybe even in some foreign land(s)… But it’d be great, too, to look back at these five years and consider how we’ve grown, how much we’ve learned, not just about the work at hand, but about ourselves. If we can come out the other side with no regrets, I say that’s some kind of achievement.

Keep pressing on, Luke.

Ira Glass has something to say about Grit, too.

<p><a href=”″>Ira Glass on Storytelling</a> from <a href=””>David Shiyang Liu</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

  1. asiancajuns said:

    Oh good luck to Luke! But what exciting times for you both! Matt defended two weeks before we got married — so I remember that stress well!

    • Erin said:

      Wow! Two weeks before you got married? I can imagine the pressure Matt was under. But then you both had so much to celebrate afterwards. Well done, you both! Thanks for the wishes!

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