Best Places to Read in Atlanta: #3 MARTA

Ask a handful of Atlantans what they think about MARTA (our train system) and you’ll probably get a lot of eye rolling, a few exasperated sighs and a couple indifferent shrugs, these from folks – making up a great number of Atlantans – who’ve never ridden the train before. The fact is that while MARTA is useful some of the time for some people getting to a select few places, regular users would love to see  improvements made to the system. But perhaps any urban dweller would say the same about their transit system.

That said, the reason I take MARTA – the reason I leave the house a whole thirty minutes earlier than I do when I drive to work – is for the reading time it affords me. Forty-five minutes of (mostly) uninterrupted reading. There’s no better way to start my morning than with a brisk walk to the train station followed by nearly an hour of reading.

Speaking of subways and reading, how cool is this blog? Photographer Ouri Ben-Haim takes pictures of the “Reading-Riders of the NYC subways.” Here are some of my favorite images, though it’s worth checking out the others.Photos of me were taken by Anne Cunningham. Photos from Underground New York Public Library are by Ourit Ben-Haim, via A Cup of Jo and sho&tell.


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