Impress a Penguin

Did you see this cute and creative job advertisement from Penguin? It looks like a lot of work went into the ad, but then again, they are looking for someone who would “get the world reading.” No small task.

I have no intention of applying, but it got me thinking: what would I do to get the world reading? After all, that has kind of been the focus of this blog for the past year and a half. You’d think I’d have some strong opinions on the matter. But aside from a few thoughts on how I’d market and advertise new books, and how I’d sell them in bookshops, I don’t know how I’d get the world reading. Policies need to be rewritten, court rulings need to be passed (against Amazon), and the old frame of publishing needs to be redrawn.

So I’m curious: What would you do? Just a little thought exercise to start off your Monday.



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