Little Free Library

So there’s this movement going on across the country whereby people set up little libraries in their front yards and public spaces (think, birdhouses but for books). Before I’d even heard about LFL, I came across one on a walk into Decatur. I’d taken a back route that cut through a neighborhood of perfectly-groomed homes straight out of Better Homes and Garden. I was ogling each one as I passed by and noticed this rather large bird house among the mushrooms and zinnias of one property. I looked more closely, saw there were books inside and read the plaque above, “Free Lending Library.” Take a book, replace a book, build community. That sort of thing.

Naturally, I love the idea. No big surprise, the book-loving people of Decatur love it, too. Daren Wang, the executive director of the Decatur Book Festival, commissioned 12 to be made, decorated and scattered across the city. So Decatur.

  1. Chad said:

    This is amazing; I wonder how you could do this in a town where vandalism/theft could quickly ruin such a cool project?

  2. specsandginger said:

    Wonderful idea shame it wouldn’t work where I live.

  3. The characterful writer said:

    Delightful. Wouldn’t it be great if a thief took one and changed his life?

  4. Old red telephone box has been used for the same thing in a village

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