Married Reading

Even before we were Mr. and Mrs., Luke and I have always read together. It’s one of my favorite things about us being us. The books we choose as our “together reads” are, for the most part, adventure stories, light-hearted, or young adult, not because we lack seriousness, but because this is the part of our day where we get to come together, relax, laugh, and give foot rubs. The picture above was snapped back in 2007. We were reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Luke is reacting appropriately.

I’m curious, dear readers: do you read books with your significant other? I once had a rather cynical English professor that said she used to read books with her husband “back before they had kids and instead had a marriage.”

Happy Anniversary, husband and reading buddy. There so many things I love about our marriage, but our evening reads are definitely high up on the list.

  1. Claire said:

    What excellent photography! Happy Anniversary Harwoods!

  2. Chad said:

    You may already be familiar with this essay, but you should check out Anne Fadiman’s essay on reading aloud/together, “Sharing the Mayhem,” from Ex Libris.

    • Erin said:

      Thanks, Chad! No, I’m not familiar with this essay, but I look forward to checking it out.

  3. It is so nice to see that this couple spend quality time reading together.That must be so relaxing. We should all give it a try.

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