New York

Yesterday, I had pizza with my friend who’s moving to New York. It’s the mass exodus that so many of our twenty something friends have made and so many more will make. Already we could count on both hands the people we knew who’d taken the plunge. Luke feels similarly about London. He calls it the black hole. That’s not exactly how I feel about NY (or London), though I admit I’m frightened by all those miles of steel and concrete. My friend admitted she’s intimidated too. We shared a nervous little laugh together, though hers was probably more excitement than fear.

To avoid feeling sad, I began thinking about all the places I’m excited to visit when I go up to see her.

Greenlight Books

Book Court

Strand Bookstore

As a start.

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  1. It is very intimidating to move to a large city. Once you make friends and get to know your way around the sky the limit. Enjoy and have a ball.

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