The Great Gatsby


I’m sure you’ve all heard the news (and seen the trailer) by now. Baz Luhrmann, the director behind Romeo & Juliet (1996) and Moulin Rouge (2001) has taken another classic into his glitter factory. The Great Gatsby is set to come out this Christmas… in 3D no less. Judging from the trailer, it looks to have all the spectacle, confetti, drama, flashy costumes and modern music that characterizes his style. I know a lot of readers are going to feel pretty protective of this film adaptation; I hear from so many people that it’s their favorite book. So I’m wondering, will you go and see it?

And if you haven’t read it, will you read it before or after seeing the film? I have a friend who swears by seeing the movie first and then reading the book. She says you’ll enjoy them both that way and won’t feel disappointed if the movie isn’t exactly like the book. Personally, I will always give in and see a film adaptation of a book (with the possible exception of Anna Karenina – Keira, you push my buttons), but I dislike how they forever change the way you imagined the characters to look, speak, and act.

So what do you think? Also, thumbs up or thumbs down on the cast: Leonardo DiCaprio – Jay Gatsby; Toby McGuire – Nick Carraway; Carey Mulligan – Daisy Buchanan; Isla Fisher – Myrtle Wilson? Now when I think of Daisy Buchanan all I can picture is this composite sketch.

(Also, remember this literary text poster of The Great Gatsby?)

  1. I always read the book before watching the film. In that way, I can make my imagination create own images and go on with its own adventure. And when I see the film, it sometimes amuses me how better my imagination was than the movie itself :D

  2. bigskybball said:

    I may see it… I am pretty interested to see how they adapt the book. It’s not my favorite book, but I do enjoy it a lot…

  3. Both adaptations – Great Gatsby and Anna Karenina are terribly wrong, especially so with Karenina – I cannot even convey my outrage, and that may have something to do with me being a Russian born – I think Great Gatsby is a fine adaptation per se, but with amazingly shocking twists on the visuals, presentation in general and composition.

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