Blue Elephant Bookstore Closing

You read about independent bookstores closing every day. It’s sad every time; it means the loss of a community center, a place where children become readers, a place where parents become storytellers, a place of adventure, escape and self-improvement, a quiet place and sometimes a bumbling place. But it’s never as sad as when it happens in your own neighborhood.

Blue Elephant Books announced that they’d be closing this month. Sunday is their last day. They had a difficult start, opening in 2008 just as the economy was taking a downturn. Still, we all hoped they’d make it and that Decatur would be a rare exception to the rule; a city where five independent bookstores could survive, better yet, thrive all together. But for a variety of reasons, it didn’t work out.

For those of you in the Atlanta area, Blue Elephants is asking that you not be shy about coming in for the final sales. They say:

“The End” for us means that we need to empty this space–books, bookshelves, furniture, and so forth, down to the coffee maker and trashcans.  Someone said to me this week that she felt like a vulture, but I look at it more like a Humane Society Adoption event.  I would love for everything in here to find a good home.  Some of the furniture has already been sold, but there are still pieces available and lots of bookshelves.  Please don’t feel self-conscious about inquiring; you’re doing us a service.

For the next week, we’re still here, still have books, and still love to talk about them.

Incidentally, that’s what we lov,e too. So in honor of Blue Elephants, I’d love to hear what you’ve been reading lately.

I have two books I can’t wait to review here in the coming days. Plus, our trip to Savannah didn’t disappoint in the bookshop department. Stay tuned for that Indie Feature tomorrow.

  1. I saw this, and it made me so sad! :-( I’ll likely drop by before Sunday to see if I can take some stuff off their hands, but it makes me feel like a thief…..

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