What are you reading this weekend?

Luke and I will be enjoying The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman during our drive down to Savannah, GA on Sunday. We’ll also probably listen to a few This American Life podcasts (!!)… raptly, I’ll add. I’m pleased as punch that Luke is now an Ira fan too. We’ll be in Savannah for a few days visiting with my mom and I’m looking forward to cobblestone streets, manicured square gardens and shady live oaks tinseled with Spanish moss. I’m also looking forward to 70 degree weather and playing in the chilly waves at Tybee island.

Another highlight will be visiting this bookstore and eating our weight in this. (We will not, however, be eating at this restaurant.)

In the meantime, here are some short reads I’ve enjoyed this week.

From The Atlantic: What role, if any, does the fact checker play in a society that lives for sensation?

From Cracked: 9 Foreign Words the English Language Desperately Needs including a Finnish word that means “a person who believes it is their destiny to stamp out all spelling and punctuation mistakes at the cost of popularity, self-esteem and mental well-being.” Though my favorite, by far, is he Georgian word Shemomedjano…

From Inhabitat: Artist Simon Beck walks all day to create stunning snow art. This guy looks incredibly happy.

Have a great, bookish weekend!

(Top photo from our trip to Assateague Island last June.)

  1. Just finished the amazing and wonderful ‘The Snow Child’ by Eowyn Ivey and since I’m spending these two weeks of vacance in a chateau I’m going to read William Maxwell’s classic from 1961 ‘The Chateau’.

  2. Anne said:

    I am thoroughly enjoying Adriana Trigiani”s “Very Valentine” and “Brava Valentine”. Will probably finish the second one before Savannah so look forward to that bookshop you recommended!

  3. I’m reading “Girl Meets God…” by Winner. I’m intrigued so far.

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