Hot Yoga


This was me this morning, y’all, only not nearly as serene or (ahem) dry. I went to hot yoga. Have you ever done it before? I’m not gonna lie: it’s the hardest work-out I’ve ever done. Exhilarating, challenging, detoxifying (which is just a nice way of saying you sweat like a pig), and ridiculously hard. But instead of that energy boost that usually happens after yoga, I’m completely exhausted (“knackered,” as Luke would say). Passed-out-on-the-couch knackered. And while one of my New Year’s resolutions was to blog more, another one was to not stress so much. So the super awesome indie feature I had planned for you today is actually going to happen tomorrow. Get excited! Have a happy, healthy monday and I’ll see you tomorrow.

In the meantime, 3 children’s booksellers talk about the lengths they go to make their bookshops magical (even going so far as getting licensed as a pet store). One of the booksellers is Diane from Little Shop of Stories, which is just down the road. Well done, Diane! Read the article here.


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