What are your Thanksgiving week traditions?

This week I’m going to be talking a lot about the holidays. Specifically, how independent bookshops and reading can fit into a week of marathon eating, family time and 4am Black Friday shopping.

This poster pretty much says it all.

So to get us started I wanted to ask you, what are your Thanksgiving week traditions? Do books ever feature in your family gift-giving? Do you rise early on Friday to join the crowds of shoppers at (I know you, readers) Barnes & Noble? Or is Black Friday a day to eat leftovers and go for walks in the crisp fall air?

When the timing works out, our family likes to gather at a cabin in the mountains where we all help to prepare the feast. The meal has become primarily vegetarian over the years, and even when there were more meat-eaters amongst us, turkey was never a feature. We continue to make our long-standing family favorites, first introduced by my great grandmother: extremely cheesy macaroni and cheese and Grandma Rena’s famous, homemade coconut cake. There’s a table just for desserts. Often, someone brings heaps of homemade molasses cookies, which are there to satiate any (nonexistent) between-meal hunger pains. When we finish eating, we all collapse around the fire place, tell stories, goof around and exchange Christmas gifts, since we may not have the whole family together for that holiday. For several years now, my uncle has written a story or two, often with a holiday theme and usually about people in our family, which he reads to us all. In the past few years, we’ve stopped exchanging store-bought gifts and have committed to sharing our gifts with one another, i.e., writing stories, poetry, playing music, cooking, giving massages.

So tell me, what are your traditions? I’d love to hear them.


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  1. Jennifer said:

    Your Thanksgiving traditions sounds wonderful! I hope you had a great one this year. Our family doesn’t usually get together until Christmas. One nice tradition that has developed in recent years is the “cousin book swap” which is our gift exchange. The nine cousins (all ages 7 and under) swap books they’ve enjoyed. This year we may start doing it with the adults as well. I love your idea of sharing gifts like cooking and writing/telling stories.

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