Typewriter Tattly

Hey guys, have you seen these cool temporary tattoos from Tattly? Stick-on tattoo are not usually my thing, but I appreciate these tongue-in-cheek designs that verge on the nerdy side. Tina, the creator of SwissMiss and a keen-eyed designer, started the project out of frustration. Her kids were into wearing temporary tattoos, but the only choices available to them were of the Crack Jack variety, which, for a designer mother, weren’t up to scratch. Enter Tattly. Isn’t that a cute story?

I particularly love this typewriter tattoo.

You might remember I have a certain obsession with typewriters.

Sometimes I worry that books will go the same route as those noisy little machines. But I don’t think that’s a fair comparison, really. Books have been around a lot longer than typewriters and they still serve a purpose that computers (even iPads) can’t completely commandeer. Not yet anyways. Their smell for instance.

(Photo from Tatt.ly)

  1. Yeah, that tattoo really looks cool. If I were given the chance to be tattooed with that typewriter thing, I’d certainly place it on my chest. Amusing but I guess it’s cute.

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