Want to write for THIS?

Dear readers,

Like you, I wear many different hats when I’m not blogging. One of them is Review Editor for THIS literary magazine. THIS is a rad online literary zine that “publishes new and emerging writers with diverse backgrounds and fresh perspective.”

At the moment, we’re looking for writers to submit quality book, music and film reviews. Would you or someone you know be interested?

Here are some more details:

Reviewers may submit reviews of books, film, or music. We accept both short form (500-900 words) and long form reviews (1,000 words or more). Reviewers may submit as often as they like. We have two categories for reviews:
New and recent: A review of a book published within the last 6 months or a film or music album released within the last 3 months.
Old school reviews: A critical appreciation of a book, film, or album published more than twenty years ago that the reviewer feels is relevant and interesting to today’s readers.
I would add that we also welcome nontraditional media submissions, such as video reviews and podcasts. Think Ron Charles’ “Totally Hip Book Reviews”… and even if you’re not interested in submitting, you should still totally watch these videos.
Submitting is free, plus, this is a great way to get your name in print and your work out to an appreciative literary audience.
You can find our complete submission guidelines here.
Please email thisrevieweditor [AT] gmail [DOT] com. I would love to hear from you. Thanks so much!
(Photo from THIS Literary Magazine.)
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