Another reason to go back to college

In case we weren’t already regretting that we finished college on time, now Smith College has announced that they are starting a Book Studies Concentration. Making the most of the exceptional resource that is their Mortimer Rare Book Room, the women’s college has created a course will allow students to “learn about the history, art and technology of the “book,” broadly defined to extend from oral memory to papyrus scrolls to manuscripts, printed books and digital media.”

Sounds dreamy, no? Students design their own capstone projects, which can include studying medieval manuscripts production and, I presume, trying out the methods for themselves. How would you like to dabble in a little velum-drying and gold leaf-laying for your senior project?

Kids these days have all the fun.

Speaking of, have you seen this a fascinating video about making illuminated manuscripts.

So what do you think? Would you sign up for this course?

(I heard the news first from @ShelfAwareness; graphic from just little things)


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