Shakespeare and the GRE

What do you think of the Barnes & Noble Shakespeare series? It’s not very new (2007, I think?), but it’s new to me. I’m no expert on cover design (by any means), but seeing a whole shelf of these in the store today stopped me in my tracks. I like the continuity of the collection, the color and the simplicity of letting the titles speak for themselves. The collection has a retro feel…almost too much so, as if B&N were trying too hard to achieve a “look.” I think I might have preferred it if all the titles were the same font? I don’t know. Still, it makes a nice change from the old Wadsworth cover design.
So why was I in Barnes & Noble? I’m sure you’re all dying to know (or not). Alas, there are certain tomes that are just more convenient to buy from a big box store. Behold, my future for the next 6-12 weeks.
You may have noticed a somewhat less abundant number of posts this week. This book is the reason. I would love to share more, but… I can’t. :) Not yet, anyways. That’s all just to say, I must press upon your patience and understanding a few weeks more while I figure some things out. I’ll still be around, blogging as often as I can. I intend to continue posting daily, just with a bit more flexibility.
In the meantime, I’d love to ask you a question that Luke and I often ask one another. If you could do it all over again, what classes/subjects would you take in high school or college? Would you do it exactly the same? Would you branch out? Luke went down the totally electronics, physics and math tract but says he would really like to go back and take more literature classes. I loved my writing and history-heavy course load, but next time I’d like to take photography and maybe even a theatre class (though I’d be super shy!). What about you?

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