Wednesday reads

Today I’m going over to Little 5 Points to talk to the folks at Charis Books & More. It’s kind of crazy that in all my time as a student at a nearby women’s college, I never once visited this feminist bookshop. So I’m pretty excited. In the meantime, there have been so many interesting posts from around the web this week that I’d love to share with you.

The lovely Edna O’Brien talks about her upcoming memoir and the London riots.

And speaking of the Edinburgh Book Festival, these videos from the Guardian are inspiring. In talking about the books they love, geographers, cyclists, housewives and bankers shift-shape into poets and philosophers. The power of books.

Dekalb County libraries are $50,000 richer thanks to this best-selling Atlanta author. Also, her article in the AJC last year – wow!

Can the arbitrariness of book recommendations ever be transformed into an algorithm? Also, have you checked out BookLamp yet? What are your impressions?

These bookcases would be great even if you don’t live in a studio.

The most comprehensive analysis of the state of book reviewing I’ve read in a long time. Got me thinking… and not always agreeing.

We’ve heard about wine and cheese pairings. How about wine and book pairings? Loving this trend in book-selling right now.

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  1. Claire said:

    Where can one find this shelf?

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