Bookstore events crossword puzzle

  1. Spanish speaker Isabel ______ (Sept 18 & Nov 6)
  2. “Quite Enough of Calvin _______” (Sept 17)
  3. one-half of YA author team with Dave Barry (Sept 27)
  4. authored “Cold Mountain” (Oct 26)
  5. he is either “at home” or on the road (Oct 24) ….

Book Passage had the clever idea of putting their upcoming events into a crossword puzzle. They clearly understand who their customers are: presumably, they’re the kind of folks who do the NY Times crossword puzzle in pencil every morning. Chapeau, Book Passage! Way to find clever ways to market your events and have fun while doing it. (As a side note, this reminds me of a DIY project Luke and I did for our wedding. Since it was an outdoor wedding, we made fans for our guests. The front was a traditional event announcement, but on the back we made crossword puzzles, word searches and fill-in-the-blank puzzles for our guests to fill-out. There’s a website that generates crossword puzzles from a list of words that you type in. How cool is that? We had a lot of fun making ours.)

A guest at the wedding with one of our fans.

Are you any good at crossword puzzles?

(via ShelfAwareness)


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