Ikea table turned book display case

A little over a week ago, my husband and I moved into a new apartment in Atlanta. We didn’t have a stick of furniture. Since then we’ve accumulated a few essential pieces (couch, dinning table and chairs, desks, and a bed), but our need to get back to a work routine has meant that our trips to thrift stores and Ikea have become less frequent. Which means, we still don’t have storage or shelving. As book-lovers, we wanted to get our books off the ground and out of boxes, so on a whim one day we slid a few onto the lattice shelf under our cheap Ikea glass-top dinning table. Suddenly, an attractive, though generic, table was transformed into a delightful book display case. It makes me happy every time I sit down to a meal. Plus it’s a good conversation starter when friends come over.

Later today I’m excited to be sharing with you my conversation with Frank, owner of A Capella Books in Little Five Points. A Capella Books is a great little refuge for readers and collectors that entirely upholds the values of an independent bookshop. They have a rebellious streak, too. Have any of you ever visited A Capella Books? Stay tuned for that interview.

  1. Claire said:

    Love your table! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Bobbi said:

    LOVE It, can’t wait to see it. :(

  3. Anne said:

    ooooh! So nice and what a great idea!
    love, mom

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