Book Art

I am in love with this book art by the talented Isaac Salazar. He folds the pages to form 3D origami structures. I’m just imagining this man must have the patience of Job. Wouldn’t one of these look beautiful on your bookshelf? Luke took one look at these and wanted to try his hand at making one. That engineering mind… gotta love it.

They really are beautiful, though. Don’t you think? I’m intrigued by the increased popularity of book art these days. (Is it that much more popular, or does it only seem that way?) I wonder if it’s come about in response to the increase in electronic reading devices. As more people come to view the book less as a tool for obtaining knowledge and more as curious object from the past, what place will it occupy in our homes? Art? Antique? A display in a china cabinet?

Or maybe it represents a society that is examining anew what it is we find so intriguing and so essential about books. Their content as much as their aesthetic.

Thoughts on a Monday morning. I’d love to hear yours. Do you think a book’s aesthetic contributes to your reading experience? Is it only content that matters? Does an e-reader have an aesthetic appeal of its own? Does any of this matter?

(via BOOOOOOOM and scissors + paper rock!)

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