Since we moved into our new apartment the other day, we’ve had the (mostly) enjoyable task of furnishing it. In three days we’ve hit up a ton of thrift stores and second hand shops, because, let’s face it, why pay full price when you can find beautiful, gently worn-in furniture for a fraction of the original price? We’re taking it slow and buying one piece at a time, letting each one settle into its new home before buying the accompanying piece. So far we’ve put together a pair of basic birch and silver desks from Ikea and today we bought our couch!

However, throughout the process, we’ve given the bookcases our greatest consideration. We pretty much decided that books might as well be our design focus… since they are so prevalent in our lives. But how to display them? So far I’m a fan of floating wall shelves or box shelves for the airy feel they give the room. Here and here are a few options we are considering.

But I was wondering, what do your personal libraries look like? Co you have bookcases (modern or antique)? Shelving units? Wall shelves? Storage boxes? Do you have a whole room devoted to books or are they spread out across the house?

(Photo from Apartment Therapy)

  1. Bobbi said:

    Well, I can answer this…I used to have the center block and pine board shelves in our hallway. To replace the block and pine in the hallway, we have some of the “lawyer/barrister'” cases. I love these because they are old fashinoed looking but practial. Luckily we inherited them from a family member so they were free. Free is always good. Try freecyclle too. It can take a while to find what you want, but it is, after all, free. I did go through all of my books and donated a lot to the VA hospital (as I mostly read crime novels), and have narrowed down my very favorite authors in to my bedroom on a small unfinished bookshelf that I bought at a big box builders store. :) Have fun!

    • Erin said:

      Agreed, Bobbi. Nothing like free furniture!

  2. little t said:

    I love bookcases, don’t know why but I could look at pics of bookcases all day long…

    • Erin said:

      I could too… plus, I love imagining all the possibilities of art, books and knickknacks.

  3. books cases in every room of our house – just take your time and collect ones you really like and then you will want to live with them longer – don’t confine yourself to just one style. You might consider some facing our – perhaps using the ikea spice rack type shelf – or another popular version of that is to mount
    rain gutters on the wall and have the books face out from that.

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