Shelf Talker Tuesday

Don’t you love reading shelf talkers in bookstores? Often I’ll spend hours in a cozy book shop, trailing the shelves from staff recommendation to staff recommendation like a game of connect-the-dots. I like to try and guess which self talker belongs to which bookseller. I used to think it was a kind of weakness that I was so easily influenced by in-store recommendations by people I’d never met, but when there are so many books out there, how else do you choose? Now I understand what drew me to them: good honest advice by well-read, enthusiastic booksellers. What’s not to love?

In honor of this noble bookstore tradition, I’m excited to introduce a new Tuesday feature that will appear weekly on For the Love of Bookshops. Starting today, Tuesday, I will be posting a hand-written shelf talker about a book I’ve read. In the coming weeks, I’ll be asking family, friends, booksellers, bloggers, readers, basically anyone who’s interested, to contribute their own hand-written shelf talkers. I’m so pumped to read everyone’s recommendations!

As an added plus, I can’t wait to see everyone’s handwriting. Nowadays, it’s kind of a rare thing to see handwriting displayed in the open, and yet it’s completely fascinating how unique everyone’s is.

If you’re interested in contributing a shelf talker to Shelf Talker Tuesday, please comment below or email me at I would love to hear from you!

Here’s the transcribed version of the shelf talker above:

Kindred Spirit by Matthew and Terces Engelhart

The couple that gave California Cafe Gratitude – the wildly famous vegan resto – now brings us a book of self-awakening. With endearingly new-agey language (“Relationship is a healing path, an access to recover from the illusion of separation”), the Engelharts reflect on their past relationships, openly admit to faults they struggle with, and share the tools of “oneness” and “love-awakening” they use to build positive relationships at home, at work and in the world. Refreshingly candid; an honest guide to being human.

  1. Claire said:

    I took some photos of shelf talkers in San Fran at a shop called “Dog Eared.” I really enjoyed them too and had the sense that the writers really cared about books and knew what they were talking about. I’ll show them to you sometime. I didn’t know what it was called when someone hand writes a note and sticks it on a book to give a recommendation. Nice to learn new lingo. P.S. Your blogs have been great and I’ve really enjoyed so many updates! Keep up the good work!

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